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Fairfax County Tenant Agreements

Friedlander & Friedlander P.C. represent Fairfax County tenants during active landlord/tenant disputes and provide counsel during lease negotiation. We are committed to helping local residential and commercial tenants protect their rights and enjoy the full benefits of their leased property.

What every leasee should know

It is extremely important that both parties of a leasing arrangement fully understand the contract and their responsibilities. Before entering Fairfax County tenant agreements, review the proposed lease to come to an understanding of the tenant obligations:

  • What are the details of the payment schedule?
    • Amount
    • Date due
    • Default consequences
  • Who is responsible for which utility bills?
  • Does the lease require renter’s insurance?
  • When and how often can the landlord access the property?
  • Does the lease limit what business or residential activities can be performed on the property?
  • Who is responsible for repairs and maintenance?
  • Under what circumstances can the lease be broken?
  • Does the lease allow the landlord to raise the rent?
  • What are the arrangements of the security deposit?

Fairfax County tenant agreements can be cloaked in contract language that can be difficult to understand. Let our attorneys help you understand that parameters of the proposed agreement while keeping an eye out for any adverse or unlawful lease obligations.

When you need a Fairfax County tenant lawyer

Sometimes disputes arise between landlords and tenants that cannot be resolved without complex negotiation or court settlements. In those times, seek the help of our Fairfax County tenant lawyers with the experience and advocacy skills to protect your interests.

Friedlander & Friedlander P.C. help tenants bring or defend themselves against various landlord/tenant disputes:

  • Evictions
  • Security deposits
  • Breaking a lease
  • Payment obligations
  • Property damage allegations
  • Failure to maintain property
  • Property use disputes
  • Other breaches of lease contract

Just because you do not own the property does not mean you forfeit the legal right to privacy and use of your rental. Stand up and protect yourself by hiring our Fairfax County tenant lawyers, who can help you assert your rights and protect your interests.

Call Toll Free 703-893-9600 to protect your Fairfax County tenant rights.

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