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Fairfax County Small Business Law

Small Business Firm in Fairfax County

Promoting local commerce & industry

Small businesses are the backbone of the nation’s economy and the foundation of local commerce & industry in Fairfax County, Virginia. They draw from area resources to provide goods & services that bolster a positive business culture in our community.

Friedlander & Friedlander P.C. is proud to be a small business firm in Fairfax County, and immensely enjoys providing legal services that help develop the local community. We assist local entrepreneurs and enterprising individuals by helping them manage the legal issues involved with owning and operating a small business.

Making the important decisions

One of the most desirable features of running a small business is the liberty to make decisions about how your business will operate—from the company name to the office hours schedule. Having this freedom and flexibility is often the breeding ground for future success and growth achieved through hands-on management and personal dedication.

A Fairfax County small business attorney works to provide people with the legal knowledge to empower them to make informed decisions about various business aspects:

  • Developing a business plan
  • Planning to minimizing tax liabilities
  • Deciding on insurance policies and coverage
  • Assisting with the licensing & registration process
  • Drafting all shareholder & employee contracts

Our firm endeavors to be accommodating and helpful throughout the many challenges of developing a small business. Rely on our legal team to provide guidance and advice in terms that appeal to business sense and prosperity.

Retaining a Fairfax County small business attorney

One of the many advantages of retaining an attorney for small business in Fairfax County is the continual support and guidance the relationship yields. At Friedlander & Friedlander P.C. our relationship does not simply end when a business is up and running. It continues, and is available whenever legal issues arise:

  • Business expansion
  • Dissolutions
  • Employment disputes
  • Changing entity status
  • Lawsuits

Take advantage of our firm’s commitment to client service by hiring a small business lawyer in Fairfax County who understands the changing needs of a growing business. Forge a partnership built on trust and a mutual desire to develop a successful business—always on client terms and tailored for business needs.

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