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Fairfax County Landlord Law

Fairfax County Landlord Law & Attorney Services

Legal assistance for residential and commercial landlords

Friedlander & Friedlander P.C. offers legal assistance for residential and commercial landlords. We help local property owners protect their rights during leasing transactions and when complex legal issues arise.

Our firm offers a host of Fairfax County landlord services to help increase the stability of leasing arrangements:

  • Drafting & reviewing leases
  • Negotiating leases
  • Subleasing arrangements
  • Rent control & stabilization policies
  • Evictions
  • Unlawful detainer actions
  • Utility & maintenance disputes
  • Security deposits
  • Breach of lease contract

We form a close-knit partnership with our clients to help them plan for and preemptively manage potential legal problems. This means creating comprehensive leasing documents that outline each party’s responsibility before certain issues have the chance to manifest.

We are also called in during a dispute to help settle and resolve an active debate of property rights, usage, and payment terms. In these instances, we litigate to ensure our clients’ rights are honored in all proceedings and that the legislative body understands all of the issues at hand.

Fairfax County landlord rights

Friedlander & Friedlander P.C. strives to help their clients build positive landlord/tenant relationships through the use of lawful and equitable leases. We seek to honor the rights of all parties and serve our clients’ best interest.

Fairfax County landlord law grants property owners rights to create their own leasing arrangements that mandate rent provisions and property care:

  • Amount of rent
  • Date of payment
  • Length of rental
  • Security deposit terms
  • Maintenance & utility fees
  • Number of occupants
  • Appropriate care of property
  • Proscribed activities

These facets of standard leasing arrangements are governed by state and municipal laws that set standards for Fairfax County rentals and leasing. Our attorneys understand the parameters of these laws and help clients find the balance of a lease that is lawful and honors their rights as property owners.

The law respects Fairfax County landlord rights to protect their property. When a tenant is abusing, damaging, or otherwise compromising your property, take advantage of those rights and seek a legal resolution.

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